Death By MAGIC

A Josiah Reynolds Mystery, Book 14

Josiah goes to a fundraiser for abandoned Thoroughbred horses and meets Rudy Lee; whereupon, he tells her that a fortune teller at the event prophesied that he will murder Josiah and then be murdered himself. But while Josiah tells Rudy that the fortune is utter nonsense, she can’t help shake the notion the fortune teller might be right. Especially when someone does try to kill her!

Josiah in her search for the truth in the “dark and bloody” ground of Caintuck where secrets are held tight to one’s heart and deep within the dark, foamy soil of the ancient hunting grounds of the Shawnee and Cherokee.

                         About Abigail

Abigail Keam is an award-winning author
who writes the Josiah Reynolds Mystery
Series about a female beekeeper turned
amateur sleuth, the sweet Last Chance for Love Romance Series, and the Princess
Maura Tales series.

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