Gasping For Air (Audio)

Gasping For Air

Last Chance for love Romance, Book 2


Lillian is a woman whose life is miserable. Her husband hits her when he drinks and her grown daughter treats her as a servant.

Realizing that she is wasting time on two people who don’t care, Lillian leaves her little family of self-indulgent narcissists in search of a more meaningful life.

She flees to Key Largo and finds the Last Chance Motel. There she heals from years of abuse. Hoping to begin anew, Lillian works hard to make a place for herself on the island of sun and play. And she finds new friends.

But it is not without cost. Lillian finds herself the victim of a stalker who is bent on making her new life as miserable as her old one. Only this time, Lillian is going to confront her tormenter – and she is determined to win.

But it may cost Lillian her life!

Sometimes the heat in the Keys just brings out the meanness in people!