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He turned the gun around with the butt ready to knock me up side the head. Before the wood made contact, I jumped into the chilly water and began swimming toward the Jessamine County side of the river. My strokes were swift and sure. Thank God, Jake had me swim for months. I didn’t even think about the cold water rippling across my face. Then I heard the boat’s motor start up. Fast as I was, I would never make it to the shore in time, as the current was too fast and pulling me downstream. Looking over my shoulder, I could see Tavis was gaining on me.

Feeling something brush against my leg, I turned my head to see a water snake wiggle away from me. I gasped and started to go down.


Instinctively my hand shot out and felt a rough rope bobbing on the water. Grabbing it, I was immediately pulled toward shore. My eyes closed as I sped through the water until my feet began making contact with the rocks and debris in the riverbed.

Then two strong hands pulled at my hair and shirt, dragging me up on the riverbank.

Coughing, I attempted to wipe the water from my burning eyes until I puked and began choking on my own vomit.

Someone turned me over and wiped out my mouth with their fingers looking for river debris. Then someone hit me on the back, causing me to spit out a lump of half-decayed leaves.

Exhausted, I laid my head down on a bed of vomit, wet leaves, and river stones.

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USA BOOK NEWS – Best Book List of 2011 Finalist

Readers Favorite Gold Medal Award Winner 2011 for Best New Mystery Sleuth

In spite of having to recover from serious injuries from her fall down a cliff with O’nan, Josiah Reynolds is back to sleuthing. This time her friend, Irene Meckler, asks Josiah to investigate the death of her nephew which was ruled accidental. Irene has her doubts.

Along with her best friend Matt and Jake Dosh, a physician assistant hired by Josiah’s daughter, Josiah again makes the rounds of quirky characters that can only be found in the mysterious world of ante-bellum homes, bourbon, and horse racing of Kentucky’s Bluegrass region.

Will Josiah discover the real reason for the death of her friend’s nephew? As Josiah fights for her recovery, she fights for the truth regarding a youth and the secret as how he died. In a land where secrets are buried deep in the earth, Josiah searches in a land that doesn’t let go of its past easily. The past never dies in Kentucky – the dark and bloody ground.

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Fast Facts

Series: Josiah Reynolds Mysteries, Book 2

Publisher: Worker Bee Press

Genre: Mystery

Length: 268 pages

Format: eBook & print

ISBN: 978-0615429083



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