Wall Of Peril



“Hang onto the tongue!” shouted Maura. She dropped her spear and grabbed the injured tongue that oozed foul smelling blood. “Help me! I need to keep its head above water!” cried Maura.

“Numb with fear, Meagan forced herself to crawl near the Queen. Bracing herself she grabbed the odious band of tissue.

“Sari got behind Meagan and helped to anchor her.

“Now bucking with its fantail, the beast tried to flip the raft into the swirling water.

“Maura frantically looked for her spear but it had fallen into the water like the others.

“The initiate threw to Maura the last surviving weapon.

“Maura took careful aim and shoved the spear into the creature’s left eye.

“It writhed in pain.

“Still hanging on, Maura shoved the spear in deeper until it reached its brain.

“Giving one last cry, the sea serpent slowly sank into the murky depths of the lake.

“Maura fell on all fours gasping.

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Princess Maura is held captive by Zoar’s handsome son, Dorak, who connives to marry her. To their mutual surprise, they fall in love with each other. But Dorak loves something more – power. He conjures an evil Wizard to gain control of Hasan Daeg and the ultimate prize – the Mother Bogazkoy, a magical plant which grants long life and power.

Will he sacrifice Maura to gain control of the Mother Bogazkoy? Or will Dorak’s love save Maura from the Black Cacodemon, who wants to destroy the Princess for his own evil purposes?

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Fast Facts

Series: Saga of the de Magela Family, Book 2

Publisher: Worker Bee Press

Genre: Fantasy

Length: 184 pages

Format: eBook



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