Excerpt from Asa is Mad!

After washing her glass, wiping down the wine bottle, and retrieving Jack’s wine and food order, Asa raced upstairs to Mr. Chopard’s private quarters, using her phone to photograph artwork along the way.  Rembrandt’s painting may not be the only stolen art that Chopard had.  According to her schematics, she had reached Chopard’s private quarters.  The adrenaline pumping in her veins caused Asa’s hands to shake as she put on thin rubber gloves before trying the bedroom door.  It was locked. 

Anticipating the door might be locked, Asa pulled lock picks from her wig and went to work on the lock.  Immediately an alarm went off, which caused Asa to jump.  No matter.  Asa quickly calmed down as she suspected there might be additional safety features for the painting, but she needed to move fast.

Something bumped up against the yacht, and Asa hears footsteps running down the staircase.  Asa melted into the shadows until she recognized one of her operatives, and stepped out into the light. 

“Door not open yet?” the operative said, starting to remove his mask.

“I’m working on it,” Asa replied, inserting the picks into the lock.  “Keep that mask on.  We don’t know if there are secret cameras.”

“Let’s just bust the door down.”

“See if you can turn that alarm off,” she ordered.

The operative ran to the security room down the hallway and turned off the alarm, hurrying back.

Asa quickly looked at her watch.

“We’re running out of time,” her associate warned.

Asa turned the picks until she heard a click.  She opened the door and both she and her operative entered the bedroom, looking about.  There was no Rembrandt painting on any of the bedroom walls.  Asa was dumbfounded.


An Asa Reynolds Suspense Short Story
Worker Bee Press
Action Adventure
34 pages

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