Bobby Bobo

Bobby Bobo Got Baptized At The Big Bone Baptist Church

A Short Story

The year is 1959 and Bea Pettit is trapped in an unhappy marriage with two children she just doesn’t understand. The only thing that brightens her drab existence is the knowledge that her favorite country and western music star, Bobby Bobo, is going to be baptized at her church. But as with all things, Bea should be careful what she wishes for.

Abigail Keam writes about women – funny stories, sad stories, long stories, and short stories. Some of the women triumph–some don’t. It’s as though Ms. Keam is writing about women she has met and is telling their story for them, giving them a voice. In this ‘slice of life’ short story, she shows us a glimpse of the life of a woman, made desperate by the traps she has set for herself.

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