Death By Betrayal

Death By Betrayal

a Josiah Reynolds Mystery
Book 20

Josiah is looking forward to the county fair coming up soon. She comes across a battered tin box with a bunch of yellowed 3×5 note cards with her mother’s old recipes. Nobody could make apple walnut cake like her mother. By golly, Josiah decides to make her mother’s cake and enter it in this year’s fair.  It’s sure to be a winner. 

She makes a sample, asking Hunter and his new farm assistant, Palley, to try a slice.  When the farm helper hears it’s for the fair, the young man tells Josiah about the demolition derby each year. Ever since Palley received his license, he has been waiting to be old enough to compete in the derby. The only problem is he needs an old beater of a car to get running and enter in the derby.

Josiah tells Palley he is welcome to use an old jalopy that’s been gathering dust in an unused shed on her property. Everyone’s excited about going to the fair to see if the old beater car comes out a winner—until the trunk pops open to reveal—you guessed it—a body.

Whose body is it? How did it get there?  Josiah’s on the trail of murder again.

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