Death By Greed

Death By GREED

a Josiah Reynolds Mystery
Book 18

Josiah is working in her honeybee yard when she hears a commotion coming from a horse pasture. She rushes toward the uproar and comes upon a huge, enraged Texas Longhorn bull. The massive beast is angrily snorting, pawing the turf, and  threatening  a  prized Thoroughbred stallion, Comanche. Getting the bull to calm down is no small task and in the end, Josiah has a busted fence and a barn door ripped off its hinges. Once the bull is secure, Josiah hurries to confront the bull’s owner only to discover he is dead and lying in a pool of his own blood. 

The police naturally assume the bull is responsible for the man’s death, but Josiah has her doubts. She is convinced foul play is involved and works to save the Texas Longhorn from being “put down.” Will she solve the murder and save the Longhorn in time?

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