Death By Theft

Death By THEFT

a Josiah Reynolds Mystery
Book 19

Josiah is happy for her pals Lady Elsmere and Shaneika Mary Todd when broodmare Jean Harlow give birth to a male foal sired by Comanche.  Both owners of the horses have high hopes the foal will become a stakes winner—maybe even win the Kentucky Derby.  The foal has a broad chest, indicating significant lung capacity—important for winning races, but just like his daddy, the foal is ebony with a bad attitude. 

Josiah and Shaneika visit dam Jean Harlow early one morning and are shocked to find the prized foal is missing.  They frantically search Lady Elsmere’s and Josiah’s farms without success.  It’s urgent they find the foal fast as he is not yet weaned and is too young to be separated from his mother.

Who would snatch the feisty foal from his mother’s care?  And equally important—why?

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