Death By Trauma

Death By Trauma

a Josiah Reynolds Mystery
Book 21

In the Bluegrass world of oak-cured bourbon, antebellum mansions, and Thoroughbred horse farms are secrets—deadly secrets!

Josiah Reynolds knows that and with good reason.  She’s solved many a murder, but Josiah prays that she does not stumble across another body.  The stress is too much.

She is happy to be invited to a winter sledding party at Haze Corbyn’s home.  Corbyn is a former syndicated movie critic for newspapers and magazines, who retired to the Bluegrass, dabbling in his love of horses.

The party is a kickoff for the Angela Weathers retrospective at a local theater.  Miss Angela is even coming for the showing of her first movie and Corbyn’s event. 

Josiah is excited to meet her movie idol, so it comes as a big surprise when Haze Corbyn turns up dead at his own party.

Kentucky is not called “the dark and bloody ground” for nothing!

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