Last Chance Romance, Box Set 1


Last Chance Motel 1

Eva Hanover hits forty years of age . . . and she has it all . . . a brilliant career, a gorgeous brownstone in Brooklyn, and a sexy husband.

Or, at least, she thought.  In the blink of an eye, Eva’s husband leaves her. She loses the brownstone and throws away her career in a fit of pique. With only the clothes on her back, she flees New York for the sunnier climate of Key Largo.  As Eva puts it, her marriage went south and so does she.  Stuck in Key Largo, it is sink or swim for the devastated Eva. Starting over at forty is hard for anyone, but Eva wonders if she can. Step by step she makes her way back to happiness and possibly finds love again.

Gasping For Air 2

Lillian is a forty-something mother whose life is miserable. Her husband hits her when he drinks and her grown daughter treats her as a servant.
Realizing that she is wasting time on two people who just don’t care, Lillian leaves her little family of self-indulgent narcissists in search of a more meaningful life.

She flees to Key Largo and finds the Last Chance Motel. There she heals from years of abuse. Hoping to begin anew, Lillian works hard to make a place for herself on the island of sun and play. And she finds new friends.

But it is not without cost. Lillian finds herself the victim of a stalker who is bent on making her new life as miserable as her old one. Only this time, Lillian is going to confront her tormentor and she is determined to win.

But it may cost Lillian her life!

Sometimes the heat in the Keys just brings out the meanness in people!

The Siren’s Call 3

River Egan is a sixty plus widower, on vacation with his daughter and grandson. Having spent many wonderful vacations at the Last Chance Motel in his prime, River returns to relive his past, but finds he can’t. Time has moved on, and so has the Last Chance Motel. It is now called the Pink Flamingo Motel and has a new owner, Eva Hanover Bishop.

Not ready to park himself in a rocking chair, River vows to begin his life anew. It doesn’t hurt that Eva Bishop’s mother-in-law, Mary, is attractive, vital, and near his age.

The problem is that Mary doesn’t return River’s enthusiasm.

River has a solution to that. He’ll just wear Mary down.

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