Murder Under A Honey Moon

Murder Under a Honey Moon

a Mona Moon Mystery
Book 12

Mona Moon and her new husband, Robert Farley, Duke of Brynelleth are on their honeymoon at last. They have just boarded the SS City Of Paris ocean liner. The couple are looking forward to visiting Robert’s ancestral English home and then off to Paris before winding up their honeymoon on the Italian Rivera. After a romantic evening of champagne and dancing until the wee hours of the night, Mona and Robert discover their suite has been ransacked and Mona’s jewelry supposedly secured in the purser’s office has been stolen.

Mona is horrified as some of the jewelry belongs to the Brynelleth Estate and were cherished pieces of Robert’s mother. The ocean liner is searched by the ship’s crew, and a diamond tiara turns up in a bartender’s cabin. It is the same bartender who served Mona and Robert earlier in the evening. The only problem is the bartender has been murdered and the rest of the jewelry is still missing.



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