Death by Betrayal | Signed Paperback


Each copy will be signed personally by Abigail! 

Betrayal – The act of thwarting a person’s trust, revealing information in violation of confidence, or failing to honor a promise.

Josiah knows all about betrayal.  In the glamorous Bluegrass world of oak-cured bourbon, antebellum mansions, and Thoroughbred horse farms, betrayals never die—never remain hidden. The dark and bloody land called Kentucky eventually gives up its secrets from its dark, loamy soil, laying them bare for all to see.

The day starts out innocently with Josiah visiting Hunter, her boyfriend, and his new farm assistant, Palley. The young man tells Josiah of his desire to enter the demolition derby at the county fair. Ever since Palley received his driver’s license, he has been waiting to compete, but he needs an old beater of a car to enter.

Josiah tells Palley he is welcome to use an old jalopy that’s been gathering dust in an unused barn on her property. Josiah and an excited Palley travel to her shed. Pulling off an old tarp, they examine the car until they find—you guessed it—a body in the back.

Whose body is it? How did it get there?  Josiah is on the trail of murder again. In the mysterious Bluegrass, there’s justice, and then there is Josiah’s justice!